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Have you ever struggled to get your frontline team to deliver excellent customer service? Are you challenged with finding the time to train your staff on how to treat your customers? Are you searching for a customer service training system and expert to educate your employees and get you actual results?

Customer Service Success is filled with proven, world-class strategies and tools to assist you in hitting your customer experience goals. From elevated NPS Scores to growing your customer database, youā€™ll fi nd the step-by-step recipe to achieve your customer service goals inside.

Customer Service Success is the second book from the #1 bestselling, author of Rockstar Service, Rockstar Profi ts, David Brownlee. David is a customer experience expert with over 30 years of experience and 1M students world-wide. David believes that we can all make a positive diff erence in this world, one customer at a time. He is passionate about training you and your team and getting you measurable results that you can count on

In this book, you will discover:

  • How to turn around upset customers
  • Ā How to create an endless stream of referrals for your businessĀ 
  • How to gain 50-star reviews for your business OnlineĀ 
  • How to create loyal fan customers that will never leave you...And much more!

What that REALLY means to you is:

  • Increasing your revenues
  • Growing your business
  • And making a positive difference in your community, one customer at a time


“David trained our team and we couldn’t be happier. His insights, strategies and enthusiasm are simply amazing. He helped boost our morale and our revenue. If you have a chance to hire David to speak, take one of his courses or read one of his books, I highly recommend that you do.”
—Steve Shattuck, Head of Americas Sales, Hewlett Packard

“What a unique pleasure it is to watch David do his thing. It’s exceptionally hard to keep people’s attention, even in a short five-minute video lesson. And yet, from the moment you start to hear David speak, you’re hooked. His energy, enthusiasm, and true passion for helping people comes through immediately, and you can’t help but get locked into his observations...and what he’s going to say next. If you haven’t watched David in action, do yourself a favor and do so!”
— Scott Milrad, Content Manager, Business Skills, LinkedIn Corporation

“We have been waiting to work with David for some time now. The stars were aligned this year, and we were able to get him as the keynote speaker for our company convention. David blew the roof off the joint! His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and he is an expert sales and customer service trainer. We signed up to work with him for the next 12 months.”
—Shawn Fechter, VP Sales, EagleRider / Harley-Davidson Dealer Rentals


David is passionate about helping executives, business owners and team members improve their customer success and customer service skills, so that they can achieve their goals faster, easier and with better results. David believes that we can each make a difference in someoneā€™s life for the better, one customer at a time.

David is the number one, best-selling author of Rockstar Service, Rockstar Profits. He is the CEO of The Pure Customer Service Training Company and an international speaker and trainer.

He has been in customer service and customer success for over 30 years and trained over two million individuals and companies through his online courses, live events and coaching programs. David has coached over five thousand one-on-one sessions with clients over the years.

David has trained individuals in customer success and customer service from Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft, ATT, Citibank, CVS, T-Mobile, Hewlett-Packard, Harley-Davidson and more. He currently lives in California, with his wife and two young children. When David isnā€™t working or with family, you can fi nd him on a motorcycle, scuba diving somewhere or skiing down a mountain.