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David Brownlee

The #1 Leading Customer Success Expert, Author and Trainer

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About David Brownlee

David Brownlee is the world’s most viewed customer success expert in the world.  He is a number one, best-selling author, speaker and coach.  He has trained over 1 million individuals and businesses through his online courses, live events, coaching programs and consulting.  His clients include from small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies across various industries.  From Google and LinkedIn in the tech world, to Amazon and Walmart on the retail side, David's passion is helping you and your organization succeed.  He is one of the top LinkedIn Learning Instructors with over 100k students on the platform.

"What a unique pleasure it is to watch David do his thing. It's exceptionally hard to keep people's attention, even in a short five-minute video lesson. And yet, from the moment you start to hear David speak, you're hooked. His energy, enthusiasm, and true passion for helping people comes through immediately and you can't help but get locked in to his observations...and what he's going to say next. If you haven't watched David in action, do yourself a favor and do so!”"

Scott Milrad
Content Manager, Business, LinkedIn

" Rockstar Customer Service helped our company tremendously by taking our customer service to world-class status with our Fortune 500 clients. Without Rockstar Customer Service, we not be at the level we are at today."

Ricky Arriola
CEO, Inktel Contact Center Solutions

"We have been waiting to work with David for some time now, the stars were aligned this year and we were able to get him as the keynote speaker for our company convention. David blew the roof off the joint! His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and he is an expert sales and customer service trainer. We signed up to work with him for the next 12 months."

Shawn Fechter
Vice President, Eaglerider

"We had a lull in our customer service. The strategies of Rockstar Customer Service helped us grow 30 percent year over year."

Mathew Fink
CEO, Comfort Keepers

"David came and spoke at our leadership summit and we had a great motivational closing to our time together, we had a great time bringing David into our business and recommend you do the same."

Phil Markes
COO, Behr Paint


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