The 6 Keys To Deliver A World-Class Experience

Offers you new solutions to the age-old challenges that you face in your business every day… How do you keep your customers happy so that they never leave you? How do you get your clients excited to come back to your businesses time and time again? How do you create raving fan customers that will tell all of their friends, family and colleagues that they must to do business with you? This book will answer all of these questions for you and more in a simple, easy-to-follow format that is entertaining and educational. The concepts and strategies in this book are the same ones that David Brownlee has taught to over 2 million students from around the world that have found extraordinary success with their customers. This book was written to be a fast and easy read that gets you straight to the point of what you need in order to deliver a world-class customer service experience every time - regardless of what is going on around you. 

(Paperback or Kindle)




Rockstar Service, Rockstar Profits shows business owners, executives, customer service reps, and others a more effective way for their team to deliver world-class, rockstar customer service to their customers. Inside, business coach David Brownlee teaches how to build rapport in 60 seconds or less, create customized customer service strategies to implement immediately, and how to look at customers in a new light. Rockstar Service, Rockstar Profits reveals how to increase revenues, grow a business, and create raving fans - clients that will never leave.

(Paperback or Kindle)




The new, fast, easy way to increase your revenues, grow your business and create loyal customers for life. Or, The new, fast, easy way to make your customer service department a revenue-generating behemoth. Or, Turn your customer service into a revenue-generating behemoth and create a never-ending stream of 5-star reviews and referrals.





6 Secrets To Rock Star Customer Service

Learn the 6 secrets that the best corporations, small businesses and individuals are using to increase their revenue, grow their business and gain client referrals. Often times by implementing these 6 secrets businesses can double their income and save money on marketing just by having a customer service plan that is executed and builds client loyalty, relationship and trust. Your business becomes a better environment for your employees, customers, and management. This book outlines the crucial yet simple 6 steps to do all of the above.


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