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Hard Work
We help business owners and executives implement a learning and development program to help them achieve their highest business goals faster, easier and with better results.

Let’s say you are a CEO or business owner of a company.  You have a business goal to increase your revenue 25% year over year.  If you’re successful, it could add millions of dollars to your bottom line, right?  But the problem is, your team is underperforming in any number of ways.  Poor leadership, subpar sales, ineffective marketing, silos between departments or even ineffective communication.  All of which needs to get fixed in order for you to hit your targets.  We would bring in experts in leadership training for your management team, for example, sales training for your sales team and customer experience training for your customer service team.  Then, craft a strategic learning and development plan to make sure everyone in your organization is on the same page and moving towards the common business goal.  Like an NFL team training to win the Super Bowl.  It’s very clear what the goal is, why it’s important and understood that there needs to be a plan to get there and win.  We help your people upskill and execute with clarity and at a high level of competency.  That way, your company can achieve your common revenue goal through each department operating at a higher level.  With more clarity, motivation and productivity.

Case Study:

For example, a few years ago, Harley-Davidson was launching a new motorcycle rental program into 300 dealerships across the country.  They had a goal of 25% growth year over year.  The problem was, there was no system in place to do that.  So, we helped them build out a call center in Las Vegas, trained their team on sales of rentals and vacation packages and how to resolve customer service issues.  We did a kick-off keynotelive in-person trainings and virtual group coaching.  It was a 12-month program.  At the end of the year we hit their 25% growth goal, made them millions of dollars and we got to be the superheroes that helped them get there.


  1.  According to 92% of employees, employee training programs that are well-planned have a favorable impact on their level of engagement. (Axonify, 2018) Poor employee engagement around the world has been estimated to cost around $7 trillion in lost productivity! (Gallup) Business units with engaged workers have 23% higher profit when compared to business units with unengaged workers (Gallup)
  2.  Business units with engaged workers have 23% higher profit when compared to business units with unengaged workers (Gallup)
  3.  Employees like to study or train at their own pace, according to 58% of those surveyed. (LinkedIn Learning, 2021)
  4.  94%of employees believe they would stay with a firm for a longer period if they were involved in their learning and development. (LinkedIn Learning, 2020)
  5.  70% of employees are relatively inclined to quit their current job to work for a company that invests in employee development and learning. (Lorman, 2021)
  6.  54% of employees would spend more time studying if they were given specific course recommendations to assist them in achieving their professional objectives. (LinkedIn Learning, 2020)
*Some people say I’m lucky.  They’re right.  But not blind luck, created luck.
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